a joyful marriage

Mr. & Mrs. Jata


Jacob and I married one another on the sunny beach of Honeymoon Island here in Florida on November 20, 2010.

It was a beautiful day full of laughter, sandy toes, salty kisses and lots of dancing. I was 24 when we were married and I have to say, it’s absolutely the best party we’ve ever thrown.

It was a hella good time.

I still remember the moments leading up to seeing Jacob for the first time at the altar. I was a nervous wreck. Now, looking back, I praise God for HIS GRACE. My heart was in such turmoil back then. In my own blindness, I didn’t realize just how lost I was…

Now that we’ve matured, had a couple of kids… we’ve grown up a lot, both naturally and spiritually… we see now more then ever how precious marriage is.

We try really hard to love each other well.

Honestly, it’s been more challenging than anything else- but by far the most rewarding relationship here on earth. We strive to be better for one another and to honor Christ with our marriage. We are in the thick of it with two little toddlers, work demands and ministry calling. So we are firmly grasping on to one another as we fight for joy in our marriage. Beyond all relationships, marriage is the one that stands out as being the most powerful and capable of showing the world who Christ is. We want to do that well.

I have found the one whom my soul loves.
— Song of Solomon 3:4

I had my eye on Jacob a week before I met him. . .

I was out with some girls one night and I noticed him at the bar. A week later we found ourselves at that same place; this time talking the night away, sharing laughs, drinks and even a cigarette. (face palm) A lot has changed since then. Among other things we quit smoking, rededicated our lives to Christ, moved so many times it’s weird, and had two babies. We have learned that love in marriage is about friendship & support, encouragement & patience, and constantly choosing the other over yourself. So it’s been really easy. HAHA!

After dating for over 3 years, Jacob asked me to marry him on the most beautiful island of Martha’s Vineyard. The story of our engagement is a funny one that I’m sure I’ll get around to posting about one day. But let’s just say, a nude beach is an interesting location to get engaged. Oh Jacob. You have always kept me on my toes.

Over the years we have learned that it takes hard work to keep our marriage healthy. We’ve been blessed by a few studies along the way and are actually in the middle of one right now. We will put together a post soon to point all you married folks to some really helpful resources.

we look good
Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.
— Ecclesiastes 4:12