3 of My Favorite *Home* Things.

Do you own something and wonder how you ever lived without it?

Having things in my home that have purpose and that make my life easier bring me JOY! I hope to share my favorite things from time to time to help you choose items that you’ll love that will last and serve you well as they have for me and my home.

Here are three things that we use ALL the time and I don’t know why we ever lived without them:




1. A DUST BUSTER. If you don’t own one, you’re not truly living. If you’re a parent and don’t own one- WHY?! I seriously suck up EVERY thing with my Dust Buster. Just today I vacuumed out the onion peels from our vegetable drawer in our refrigerator. Like… did you even know you could do that!? I use it in my van, in the cabinets, hard to reach places… I even used it in my dryer vent the other day. Come on people, don’t make me force you.

Dust Buster!

No! A Dust Buster is not the same as using a vacuum hose. It is world’s different. You don’t have to lug around a vacuum! You can just grab it with a single hand and suck up ALL sorts of things! I’m telling you- GET A DUST BUSTER if you want to save time cleaning. It’s legitimately one of my favorite things in my entire house.

This is the Dust Buster I use.

It’s a Black & Decker Lithium. I love it. I’ve had it looooong before I ever knew I would be blogging to tell people about it, so NO- this is not an exaggeration. This Dust Buster is the cream of the crop. It’s sturdy, well made and easy to use. It’s filter is easy to clean and replace. It even has an extension for those skinnier, harder to reach places. Of course if you buy it through this link, Amazon will give me some moolah. But I truly don’t care where you buy one. Just buy one!

2. A NEST THERMOSTAT. This is a “smart” thermostat that you can control through your smart phone. It has it’s own app that is very easy to use. You can control your home’s thermostat from anywhere. I know this may seem a bit frivolous, but I assure you, it’s proven to be very helpful.

Nest Thermostat!

We had a Nest thermostat in our first home back in Massachusetts and I gotta tell you, it was SUCH a good idea. Living in colder weather climates, our gas and electric bill would always reflect the weather. There were plenty of days we would be gone for hours and hesitate to change the temperature because manually it was too frustrating to control and we didn’t want to get back to the house and it be freezing. I was especially weird about it when we had the babies. Ain’t nobody going to make me bring my babies into a cold house. The Nest changed so much for us! It was so helpful. Have you ever been ten minutes from the house on your way to a trip or even a long day away and realize you forgot to adjust the temperature? Now? We just adjust it using the app on our phone. AND! When we are about ten minutes from home we turn the heat/air on to have the house ready for our return. Y’all we live in FLORIDA where it’s SO HOT all of the time. Being able to change the thermostat while in bed, or while watching a movie is AWESOME!

We recently had solar panels installed on our roof and guess what was an incentive gift!?


Check it out. Could be something you like as much as we do.

Here is a look into my drawer. There are over 10 pair of shoes in it!

Here is a look into my drawer. There are over 10 pair of shoes in it!

3. IKEA SHOE CABINET- We needed a better storage option for our shoes. Ikea has a good selection. This particular TRONES shoe storage is AWESOME. It is soooooo nice to have by the garage door. We only have one set of three drawers but are planning to buy another unit as soon as we can get our butts back to IKEA. The drawers are big enough to hold about four pair of men’s tennis shoes, or about ten pair of sandals. I especially love that the kids can help put their shoes away. They can easily open and close it.

Hannah and Jordan currently their own bottom drawer. Jacob has one and and I have two. My goal is to have no more shoes then will fit in those two drawers. I have a lot of shoes, y’all. So, that’s a lofty goal. But! If you’ve read my post titled, Let’s Lighten it Up a Bit, you’ll know I am on a mission this year to free up space and clutter.

The cabinets are made of a very durable plastic which is easy to wipe down and clean up.

I may even personalize our drawers with some vinyl labels.

Here is a link to IKEA to shop for it.

Shelly Jata