Black on Black

black on black

One of my current favorite styles is black on black. I don’t what it is about all black that gets me excited, but it does!

Black isn’t just for funerals, ladies! We’ve resurrected the all black outfits somehow and now? it is all the rage. Well, I don’t know if it’s “all the rage,” I’m not really even cool enough to say “all the rage.” When I do, I feel like an impostor. Like, “who is this 33 year old Mom that just figured out how to put on black skinny jeans talking about things being all the rage?!” HAHA It’s almost as strange as me trying to be cool and saying, “on fleek.” (Which I saw written on a hand towel in the Target Dollar spot.) If I ever say “On fleek” in a serious way, slap me.


I think I like black on black so much because it’s trendy and I don’t have to try that hard. I mean, not much thought has to go into a black on black outfit. You just need two things- a black top and black bottoms.

Cute and easy- YES PLEASE!

The easiest outfit for me is this black tunic I grabbed at Target a while back and some black leggings.


I added some simple jewels and a jean jacket for an added layer.

The cool thing about wearing black on black is that you can add a pop of color with a sweater, jacket, a loud necklace or a pair of shoes to still get some pazazz in your look. Or you can go really simple and literally wear all black. Again, if you’re really struggling with what to wear, let a black on black outfit be in your GO-TO list.

Here are a few cute looks and ways to wear black on black:

Black shorts, black tank, black strappy sandals.

Black dress, black sandals.

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black on black jean jacket
Shelly Jata