A Music Play-List if you’re in a season of Waiting

I LOVE creating Music playlists!

I’ve got SO MANY. I typically make short playlists with just a few powerful songs. This particular play list I’m sharing with you has 5 powerful songs.

There is just something about a good song that can bring us right back to where we need to be. I can’t even tell you how many times I have listened to a good song only to end up in tears, on my knees, feeling like God is restoring something within me. I bet you can relate.


The book of Psalms in the Bible are a collection of prayers and songs, {I believe} partly created to point us to the fact that we are designed and hard wired to worship through music. We were created for music! To sing it, to listen it, to create it. While this may seem obvious, it’s always cool to be reminded how special music is for our human experience. Consider what it says in Revelation about how the Angels sing, “Holy, Holy, Holy!” to God. Creation was designed to worship, and worshipping through music is so special and powerful.

How often do you find yourself lingering on music lyrics? It seems like in every season there are a few songs that are highlighted brighter then the rest. It’s not that I can’t listen to other music, but I always find myself going back to those select few because of their message and lyrics.

This last season of life has been a crazy one with lots of waiting, transition and change.

On some of the harder days, these songs helped me endure and brought me joy.

Maybe you’ll find joy in them, too.

waiting on god

Below is my playlist I created for times of waiting.

It’s a collection of songs that brings truth to the struggle of waiting, and also reminds us of the promises of God; He is faithful, He provides and His timing is best.

You can look up each of these songs on YouTube. I always like to look up the lyric videos to read the lyrics as I listen. I typically end up downloading the songs through iTunes so that I can listen to them at any time I’d like. Truth be told, I own all of these albums. They’re all worth it!

  • Seasons- Hillsong United- Wonder Album

    This song was so special to listen to while I was waiting. It is SUCH a beautiful song about the reality and purpose of seasons. It is still on my top 10. Listen to it!

  • Take Courage- Bethel Music & Kristene DiMarco- Starlight Album

    I mean, there isn’t a better and more straight forward song for you to listen to if you are in a season of waiting… just listen.

  • Everything and Nothing Less- Jesus Culture- Let it Echo Album

    God used this song to remind me that even while I wait for Him, he deserves all of my attention. He cares about what I’m going through but it’s not more important that intimacy with him. There is a precious lesson in these lyrics.

  • I Can’t Believe- Elevation Worship- Here as in Heaven Album

    Straight up Gospel song that I’m hooked on. Whenever I feel like pouting I go to a song like this one and let God remind me of the grander things. Namely, Jesus.

  • Your Promises-Elevation Worship- Wake up the Wonder Album

    “my hope will always be, your promises to me.” Enough said.

One final thought, before I send you off to worship! Remember, worship through music is ultimately about glorifying God. Yes, music and singing can be like medicine. It is good to let the Holy Spirit minister to us through the lyrics of songs. But! We are ministered to, so that we can more purely worship our Father in Heaven. Worship IS about making much of God, not ourselves. So, as you set out to worship, remember that the cry of our hearts should be to magnify Christ.

Shelly Jata