i believe

I believe there is one God existing in three persons; God the Father, Jesus Christ the son, and the Holy Spirit.

(still trying to wrap my head around it, too.)

I believe in God the Father, who is our holy, perfect and loving Father. He is the Father of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. God is the I AM. I believe God is eternal and that He transcends time and space. He exists for His glory and is completely loving. All of his ways are loving and just.

I believe in Jesus Christ, the son of God. Jesus is fully God and fully man who is the Savior of the world and more personally, the Savior of my soul. I believe Jesus is the physical and visible expression of the invisible God. (Colossians 1) I believe Jesus was born of a virgin, lived a perfect life, and died on a cross. In victory, I believe Jesus resurrected from the dead three days following His death, conquering Hell, sin and the grave. I believe in this most profound act of love and sacrifice, the enemy of our souls, Satan was defeated. I believe Jesus’ sacrifice satisfies the penalty of my sin, for all of our sin, for the sin of the whole world past, present and future.

I believe the only way to be forgiven and made right with the Father is

to believe in Jesus Christ and what he accomplished on the cross.

Jesus is the Messiah, our living sacrifice, the model for which we should live. He is our healer, our good Shepherd and our mediator. Jesus is our perfect friend, our brother, our redemption.

Jesus is not “a way” he is “the way” to truth and life.

I believe in the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the living spirit of God, given as gift to us. The Holy Spirit is our counselor, the spirit of truth. I believe the Holy Spirit is often grieved in the church due to a misunderstanding of his realness and power. I believe as the church grows to know God through His spirit IN US, we will better model Jesus, walk in love and display the power of our living God. I believe we experience intimacy through the presence of God which is through the Holy Spirit. I believe the Spirit will lead us to all knowledge and truth. The holy spirit is our comforter and our ever present help.

I believe all of the world has fallen from God by choice through our own sin. We all sin and fall short of the glory of God. I don’t believe “doing your best” and “living a good life” will keep you eternally secure with God.

I believe God has given us free will (Genesis 3). In His sovereignty and goodness, He provides us with all we need to choose him, but ultimately it is our choice. I believe God has made simple the way to Himself. He has revealed himself in nature, in love and in all of creation so that no one has an excuse. (Romans 2)

I believe in the Holy Bible.

I believe it is divinely inspired by the Holy Spirit. I believe the Bible is without error and has every piece of wisdom, knowledge and insight we need to seek and know God. I believe we need to read the Bible to know God intimately. While I believe many Christians have good intentions, they read the Bible more like a text book and study God like a subject. I believe the intention of the Holy Scriptures is given to us to know God personally as well as know about Him. I believe the only way to combat the darkness is by the truth of God. We find this in the word of God, the Holy Bible, which is the sword of our spirit. It is our weapon against the darkness. Without knowing the truth we will struggle in our faith.

The only way to fight darkness is with light.

I believe God IS LOVE. I believe God’s foundation and mission and purpose is LOVE. I don’t believe anything God does is bad, or ill intended. I don’t believe God is behind anything evil. I believe we have an enemy, his name is Satan and he does whatever he can to deceive us into wrong thinking about God and His love for all of mankind. We see this demonstrated in the garden in Genesis 3. I believe Satan is the father of lies, evil, deception, and hate. He is a manipulator that has no power but knows that he can distract us to keep us from revelation. He is constantly trying to confuse us and the truth and what we know about God.

I believe the Christian church needs to grow in it’s conviction of God’s love and GOOD intention.

I believe in God’s Holy Church. I believe upon receiving the gift of Christ we become sons and daughters in the family of God. We also become part of the living body of Christ. The CHURCH is not a place with walls, it is God’s people. Got inhabits us individually like He once did in the temple. WE are living temples, hosting the very presence of God. God calls us to be His hands and feet. I believe when we become Christians our life’s mission becomes a mission of love and self sacrifice to help the rest of the world see Christ. We are all called individually to impact our personal spheres of influence while also called to the global church to impact the world. I believe God’s desire is that we always assemble corporately to spur one another on in faith and good works. I don’t believe God desires our allegiance to a specific denomination, OR STYLE, rather, our call is to be slaves to righteousness and to fight the good fight of our faith. I believe the local church is precious to God and He will bless all bodies of believers that are motivated in truth and love, whether they meet in homes, office buildings, schools, or huge buildings. I believe division in the church grieves God’s spirit. I don’t believe only one model, or tradition or style of church is better then another, rather I think we should act diligently, seeking how to become like the people around us so that we might be able to serve them. I believe the church needs to be ROOTED AND GROUNDED IN LOVE.

From love, life and fruit will grow.

If you have any questions about my statement of beliefs or would like to commit your life to Christ, please reach out to me. I would love to chat with you and help you walk with God. He loves you. SO. STINKING. MUCH!

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