Joy Jewels Co is a small little side hustle that I just love. Y’all, I’m a stay at home mom. My life consists of a lot of sippy cups, animal crackers, car rides to and from school and tot times at local play places. But, outside of the daily tasks and joy of motherhood, I LOVE creating. My Dad was a jeweler before he retired. Something he mastered was designing and making beautiful jewelry. I’m not surprised I love making earrings, it’s in my blood. I grew up watching my Dad tinker away at his jewelry bench. He would teach me about how to hold the tools, and often he would let me try. I never thought I’d actually be making jewelry of my own one day… but now that I am, I am soooo enjoying it.

Joy Jewels Co birthed organically after I joined the cult of Cricut owners. I began searching for what to create, and before I knew it I was elbows deep in dozens of colorful fabric, crafting away.

Making beautiful, affordable earrings is SO FUN and it makes sense for my schedule. I love the creative aspect, the ability to work from home is obviously awesome, AND I get to provide women with awesome jewels.

Take a moment to browse through my Etsy shop! There are lots of listings, with many more on their way.