Jacob Edward


A really hunky guy that loves his wife better than she loves him. Honestly, most days Jacob is the glue that holds us together. He isn’t afraid of much, has close to zero filter, and he loves his kids so well. He has a passion for wine and knows weird amounts about it. He also loves details and enjoys staring at a map. Most days he walks around without a shirt or shoes on… which annoys the crap out of me. Jacob is constantly looking for ways to love other people by helping. He’s really good at weeding and lifting heavy things. He loves working out, cooking a tasty meal and snuggling his kids. I love this man. so. much.

Favorite thing to do without kids: “S-E-X” (Oh my gosh.)

Favorite food/wine: “Haagen Daaz coffee ice cream and Blanc de Blanc Champagne”

Favorite thing about being a Dad: “spanking..muaha…probably when Jordan tells me he loves me.”

Favorite thing about being my husband: “seeing the amazing woman and mother you’ve become.” (cue the tears)


Jordan Patrick

jordan patrick.jpg

Jordan is our three year old son who is obsessed with “bad guys” … especially the Joker. He is entirely too cute to fully describe with the sweetest little smile. He’s creative, loves make believe and has to have {superhero} bedtime stories. According to Jordan, he is as fast as The Flash and can “hulk smash” his way through anything. He is obsessed with daddy and wants to do everything he does. He has great manners and sometimes he just says, “Mama, you’re a great girl,” in which I reply, “Awe thanks Bub- you’re a great boy,” while choking back tears because HOW STINKING CUTE IS THAT!? He’s mastered the meltdown & public display of complete disregard for his safety or desire to obey. I’ve had to abort mission and leave my full shopping cart a time or two. Even on the worst days where it’s more corners and time outs than happy games and giggles- it’s still the best day because he truly is a gift.

Favorite color: “pink and green”

Favorite food: “chicken”

Favorite TV show: “um…BATMAN!”

Favorite toy: “the Bat mobile”


Hannah Joy


Hannah Joy has been like medicine to my soul. God gave me the daughter of my dreams. She is 20 months of cuteness. She’s got the most precious and soft features. Her hair is strawberry brown, her eyes a hint of blue and hazel. She’s sassy and demanding and sweet and silly. She’s a great sleeper and she LOVES her Mama. By my side is where she wants to be, and by hers is where I want to be, too. She proved doctors wrong through tests and suspicions. She came into the world so fast and {almost} painlessly. Hannah’s middle name is honestly the best description of her. She is a vessel of JOY. It’s as if God had this big pot of Joy bubbling and brewing up there in heaven and he got the biggest ladle and filled her up with it from head to toe before sending her to us. Gosh, I can’t really say enough about her. I literally race into her room to greet her in the morning. It is THAT MUCH of a pleasure to be her mom.

Favorite food: frozen yogurt pops

Favorite toy: pull along puppy

Favorite person: her Mama

Favorite item: her blankie