Mission Statement

Here at Thereisjoy.com, the aim is to put all of the attention on God and the joy He sets before us. We are living in an incredible time. Those of us walking in the truth of Christ get to experience first hand the fullness of God’s joy. And although it’s available to us, many find it difficult to receive. Shelly intends to let her life serve as a living testimony of the joy that can be found in our Lord. While she’s far from perfect- she serves a perfect God with perfect Joy. With lots of prayer and humility, she will seek Him in all she does with the emphasis on telling of His Joy. She is excited to share it with you along the way.

plainly said: Shelly wants you to have joy.



With hundreds of journal entries scattered throughout a stack of notebooks, Shelly’s got a lot to share. God’s laid it on her heart that every single one of those pages is laced with grace and his Joy. As she shares through writing what God shares with her, she hopes the words will penetrate and take root. Written word is inexpressibly important and powerful. In it we find truth. As Shelly has fallen in love with God’s written word, she is determined to only give her thoughts that align with his truth. Shelly never studied to be a writer- so give her grace as she grows in her own gifts and passions through way of writing.

The hope is to publish a post each week with fresh perspective, real life examples and practical ways to implement the Joy God so desperately wants us to walk in.


The Lifestyle section of this website was created with YOU in mind. Shelly really wants to serve all sorts of people in all sorts of ways. She has a lot of fun sharing her experiences, what has and hasn’t worked for her and her home/family. The lifestyle section offers practical ways to implement joy into your faith, family, home, health and even your fashion.


Sharing our stories is one of the most powerful things we can do. Inviting others in to hear about our experiences is powerful; They can bring insight and hope that no text book or google search can provide. This podcast will be the unfolding of Shelly’s story while she invites others to share theirs. The emphasis will be to shine a light on joy in the midst of our stories & struggles.

Shelly will talk with all sorts of guests each with their own testimony and story. Many of the conversations will be specifically targeted to find joy in difficult situations. Part of the mission of the podcast will be to give a platform to folks with an incredible story. There is something sacred about hearing a true story of God’s redemption in our lives. Don’t you agree? Shelly believes every single person is valuable, that their experiences can teach us all something and that no one has an unworthy story to share.

A prayer from Shelly


You alone are the creator and giver of good things. In you we have breath and life and we have our being. It is only in you that we find this joy that abounds in love, mercy, patience, peace and contentment. God, please meet us where we are in a way that we can sense you all around us. Let us see your goodness all the days of our lives. May we look to the way you tell us to have joy and may we walk in it. You do not want your church to be an unhappy, grumbling people. You CAN give us joy even in the hardest circumstances. I long for fewer things more than for your people to come together in your joy so that we can show this hurting world how much your grace can change our lives. Our outward joy is the expression of our inward peace. I want our joy to be genuine and true. I pray it is rooted deep and that it only continues to produce fruit. I love you Jesus! You have made me a brand new creation. The old person is gone, and you are creating the new me into a woman that hungers and thirsts for you and your righteousness. Let me shine before all people as a beacon of hope as your joy shines through me. I pray no one leaves this website impressed by me, but by your spirit working in me. I hope and pray this can be a soft landing spot for the broken and hurting. I ask that you would bless this work I do with your favor and grace. I ask that every single person that reads this prayer would know you and that you would reveal yourself to them very personally. Your love is better than life. I love you and I pray in the mighty and powerful name of my savior and Lord. Jesus Christ. AMEN!