Stella & Dot 

I recently became a Stella & Dot stylist and I AM LOVING IT! Stella & Dot has an awesome reputation and is seriously nice. Its high quality speaks for itself. I love the jewelry so much.

I hope you can find something that brings you or someone you love, JOY!

Here is a link to my personal style lounge. Enjoy!


I’ve been a DoTERRA junkie ever since I was introduced to their oils a little over a year ago. I took advantage of a sale on a larger kit and jumped all in. Since becoming an essential oil lover, I’ve never looked back. I use oils every day, in so many ways. Most commonly, I diffuse them and use them in roller balls. Lavender is currently diffusing next to my son’s bed, I have about 20 amazing concoctions in roller balls that help with all sorts of things. From mood lifters, to bug repellent, to immune boosters- you name it, I’ve probably tried to make it. They are SO SAFE, chemical free, natural and affordable. If you’re hesitant to try essential oils, my only question is….WHY? If you have a single bottle of scented name brand cleaner in your home, it’s probably got an essential oil in it. Your hand soap? Essential oils are in that, too. Check your shampoo and conditioner.

Essential oils are not new! They’ve been used in products for AGES. Literally. Yes, they may seem like just a fad or trend, but I’ve got a hunch that we are actually on to something. I truly believe that there are amazing benefits to using them. I’ve seen a huge improvement in my son’s sleep when we use oils for sleep assistance. Hand to Bible, the Breathe blend literally clears my sinuses within seconds of inhaling it. I diffuse Lemon and Grapefruit throughout the day and it’s so nice knowing that what I’m breathing in not only smells good, but it’s benefiting me and my family.

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There are plenty of resources there if you’re a skeptic. I once was- but now? I’m an advocate!