A guest post: Who Stole your Joy?

Who Stole Your Joy?

That is the question. Who stole your joy? Think about it for a moment. Do you know the

thief’s whereabouts? Do you know who he or she is? Where is this thief stealing the joy of

God’s chosen people. And more than that, how do we catch them in the act and protect our joy?

Most Christians, when pushed to answer this question, go to the great accuser of the brethren, the

devil, and blame him. And if this was a murder mystery, he would be the leading villain. But

really it goes deeper than that. You see, the Bible says that Satan has no power over the

Christian, Jesus crushed his head at the Cross. He can only affect us if we let him. So really, at

the end of the day, the plot twist to the mystery is this....WE are the villain. We are the thief in

the night, in the day, stealing our joy and living with guilt and condemnation. The fault, dear

Brutus, is our own.

How does this happen? How do we let the devil in? I believe it starts with forgetting who we

are. You see, the Bible says, “we are fearfully and wonderfully made”. That we who are in

Christ are a “new creation”. That we are “co-heirs with Christ” and most importantly, that there

is “NO condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus”. These are not my words, they are

Scripture, they are truth. Look up the original Greek of that word NO and it means NO. Like I

tell my kids, NO means NO. There is NO condemnation, NO guilt for the believer because Jesus

nailed our sins to the Cross. We can not add anything to it. He did it all at the Cross. Yet here

we are in 2019 allowing guilt and condemnation that was nailed to the Cross to still trip us up

today. Jesus died to take away the sins of the world, if you believe that in your heart, why do

you still get tripped up on it? If you sing the song on Sunday, “We are righteous, we are holy,

we are one of the redeemed” and believe it, then why are we walking around defeated on


Remember who you are! You are a son or daughter of the King. A prince or a princess of royal

lineage who can not be tried again for the sins of your past...Jesus already paid that price. When

that annoyance comes up, and annoyances will come up, keep some of these verses close at

hand. Remember who you are-a child of the King. You can’t stop negative thoughts and jabs

from the devil to enter your mind but you CAN stop them from making a nest! As soon as that

negative thought enters, combat it with a Scriptural truth. When the devil whispers in your ear,

“see, you will never be a good parent, you are just like your mother/father” you can

immediately, say, “I am a new creation in Christ” and move on. Do you want to live in victory

all day? Remember the victory...the good news! Remember the Cross and give thanks to the

one who set you free. Repeat the TRUTHS of Scripture, and the truth shall set you free. And

you will be Free indeed. He came to give us life to the full, remember His victory that set you

free and you will be free indeed.

Brian Peart is a guest blogger who wrote a book entitled “Perfect Love”. In it he powerfully

reminds us of who we are, and even steps out a plan to keep this victory all year long. It is

available on Amazon through this link.

Shelly Jata